A visa is a stamp in your passport from officials in a foreign country. This stamp allows you to visit a country for a specific amount of time. Over 270 countries offer visas, and there is more than one type of visa offered, depending upon both the reason for travel and the amount of times the traveler plans on entering the country.

Depending upon the reason for travel, one of the following visa types will apply:

  • A Tourist/Travel Visa is a specific type of visa for travelers who are visiting a country for tourist reasons, or visiting friends and relatives for a limited time period.

  • A Business Visa is for travelers who are visiting another country for a limited period of time for the purpose of commercial meetings, discussions, negotiations or similar activities. Business visas are usually insufficient for travelers who will undertake work or temporary work assignments in a country.

Depending upon how many times a visitor will be entering the country, one the following will also apply:

  •   A Single Entry Visa lets the holder visit a country one time before requiring a new visa.
  •   A Double Entry Visa lets the holder visit a country two times before requiring a new visa.
  •   A Multiple Entry Visa lets the holder visit a country as many times as they want as long as
      the visa is still valid.

Not all countries require visas, so you must make sure to check with the specific country you are visiting. A visa is not a guarantee that any visitor will be allowed entrance into the country as immigration officials at the border or airport always have the final authority.


There are two main ways of getting a visa. One is going through an expediting service, and the other is through the foreign government of the country to which you are traveling.
  • How to get a visa through an expediting service:
    Using an expediting service enables you to speed up the process, getting your visa to you in as little as 1-3 days. This service also provides a convenient method of processing, by letting the expeditors walk your visa through the application process for you. This helps to ensure you will get your visa in a secure and timely manner. You may wish to use one of these trusted Passport Expediting Services:

  • How to get a visa through a foreign government:
    To get a visa yourself, you must work directly with the consulate or the embassy of the country you wish to visit. Once you find the contact information for the country you would like to visit, he or she can get you a visa, if needed. Each country has its own policies for providing visas. So when getting a visa, make sure to look closely at each specific country you are visiting, because not all rules apply to each country.

    The following government Web site provides a comprehensive array of information about visa services:


A certified birth certificate may be required as identity documentation to be sent along with your application for a Travel Visa - instead of sending your original certificate, order a certified copy through VitalChek Express Certificate Service.


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