A passport is a certified government document that provides proof of one's
identity and/or citizenship. This document allows travel abroad and re-admittance
to traveler's home country. Getting a US passport and keeping it current can save
you time, money and comes in handy for last-minute trips!

A US passport is required for US citizens traveling between the United States and all international destinations including countries in the Western Hemisphere (such as the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, etc). Visit the U.S. Department of State website for more information about the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI).


The U.S. Department of State issues different types of US passports,
depending upon the specific need as summarized below:

New Passports*
You have never had a US passport, your passport has been expired for more than 5 years, your passport has been damaged or mutilated, or you were a minor (under age 16) when your US passport was issued and you are now over 16 years of age.

Passport Renewals
Your current undamaged US passport will soon expire or has expired within the last 5 years and your passport was issued within the last 15 years, you were over age 16 when your current US passport was issued, or you require a replacement passport due to a legal name change (due to marriage, divorce or professional reasons).
NOTE: Minors (under age 16) should use the Passport for Minor process when renewing.

Lost/Stolen Passports*
You are unable to locate your current valid US passport or it has been stolen.
NOTE: If the passport is no longer in your possession, but it has expired, you must apply for a New Passport.

Passports for Minors*
You require a US passport for a minor child (under 16 years of age).
NOTE: Minor passport application must be completed by parent, guardian, or adult with court authorized documentation.

Second Passports
You are a frequent traveler and your travels abroad require you to submit one US passport for travel visa processing while you are using the other US passport to travel abroad. You may also need a second US passport if you plan to travel to a country which objects to particular immigration stamps currently inside your US passport (i.e. Israeli stamps).

Passport Name Change
The US Passport Services Office no longer amends valid US passports for a legal name change (amending your married or maiden name, or changing your passport for professional reasons). Instead, you need to apply for a replacement passport via Passport Renewal.

Additional Passport Pages
If you travel abroad frequently and need more space for travel visas, you may request additional pages to your current US passport for travel visas and stamps.

* A certified birth certificate copy must be sent with your application for a New, Minor, or Lost/Stolen Passport - instead of sending your original certificate, order a certified copy here.



There are two main ways of fulfilling your passport needs. One is going through an expediting service and the other is directly through the government.



A passport application is one of the first steps to obtaining a new US passport, renewing a passport, adding more pages to a passport, changing the name on your passport or getting a passport for a minor. Often people use the terms passport form and passport application interchangeably.
  • What is a passport application?
    A passport application is a form designed by the government to permit you to obtain a passport, which will enable you to travel abroad and to be re-admitted in your home country.

  • Where do I find a passport application?
    You can obtain a passport application many ways. One way is to visit a passport acceptance agency, such as a post office. Another way is to visit the government site, or you may click on the links listed below to access the passport application form that applies to you (Adobe Acrobat will be required to view these forms):
    • New Passport Application - DS-11
    • Passport Renewal Application - DS-82
    • Minor Passport Application - DS-11 application, and DS-3053 Statement of Consent for minor
    • Lost/Stolen Passport Application - DS-11 application, and DS-64 Lost Passport Statement
    • Application for Additional Passport Pages - DS-4085
    • Second Passport Application - DS-82 application, and LETTER explaining why second passport is necessary
Remember to get your passport photos before submitting your application. The following checklist should provide you with the information needed to obtain correct passport photos. You can learn more about US passport photos on the government regulations Web site:


A certified birth certificate must be sent with your application for a New Passport - instead of sending your original certificate, order a certified copy through VitalChek Express Certificate Service .